Early Head Start Utah Early Head Start Programs Rural Utah Child Development
Rural Utah Child Development, an EHS Program of Wellington, UT
150 A West Main Street
Contact Phone
(438) 637-4960
Rural Utah Child Development is a FREE program for prenatal mothers and families with children ages 0- 5. Well-trained, dedicated staff provides high quality education, health, and family support services to nearly 500 families in eight counties in Southeastern Utah.
How to Apply
An application is enclosed. Please submit it to your local Early Head Start or Head Start program or to the main office (center address list attached). The following items will be needed to process your application.  Verification of household income for the previous twelve months or last calendar year. This should include the following: pay stubs, unemployment benefits, Food Stamp or Financial Assistance Benefits (must include gross countable income and your benefit amount), child support, 1040 tax statement, etc.)  Birth certificate (or other verification of birth date) We have a limited number of openings. Applications are reviewed and prioritized based on need. Please help us to understand your situation by filling out the application completely. The following circumstances may require additional documentation: • Foster child - Please attach a copy of the placement letter. • Special needs - If you have concerns about your child’s develo
Center Locations
  • Blanding Early Head Start
    595 W 500 S, Blanding UT
    (435) 678-3227
  • Moab
    395 E Center St, Moab UT
    (435) 259-8414
  • Price
    745 E 200 S, Price UT